Zaq Facial Vacuum Blackhead Remover

by Zaq

6 Multifunctional Probes:

Microcrystalline Probe: Microdermabrasion Makes Skin Smooth

The probe with micro crystalline particles has a large surface area with
massager and exfoliate which will not hurt the skin.
It gently removes the cuticle and pushes away the rough surface debris,
with the function of promoting the absorption of skin care products, which
makes your skin more smooth and younger.

Big Size Round Probe: Comedo Suction and Skin Rejuvenation
The largest probe with the strongest suction power is used for the oily area
and blackheads. It can massage the skin by micro-lift with the vacuum
pressure, which deeply stimulates the underlying skin, promotes the
blood-circulation, and rejuvenates the skin.

Small Size Circular Probe: Cleansing Pores
The smaller probe with lower suction is designed for the sensitive skin for
pores. Put the hole on the acne pores to make it removed. It's not
recommended to use this one if the skin turns red.

Oval Mouth Probe: Smooth the Fine Lines
The special oval probe is for micro pulling massager for the canthus, ala
nasi, the comer of the mouth and other areas that have fine lines, or
sensitive skin. It stimulates the micro circulation which prevents wrinkles in
the surface

Comedo suction beauty machine Features:

  • The facial pore cleanser is easy to wash.
  • The 5 suction strength stalls is adjustable.
  • The pore vacuum cleaners head is replaceable.
  • The electric blackhead remover with a LCD display, you can see the suction strength level and electricity condition clearly.

5 Speed Modes: This product has different modes for different skin types, and you can choose the appropriate suction mode according to your skin type


  • Charging type: USB Charging
  • Power: 5V--1A
  • Power Output: 5W
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Suction Power: 65 Kpa
  • Charging Duration: 3 hours
  • Battery Working Time: 3-9 Hours

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