Youall – Shower Foam Sauna (Your Sauna Experience)


Why you love it:

Made with Moringa and Aloe Vera

Experience the richly foamy Youall Shower Foam. This Shower Foam moisturizes and nourishes your skin optimally by additions of Moringa Oil and Aloe Vera Extract.
Youall Shower Foam is made with natural ingredients and is suitable for vegans.


200 ml / 6.67 oz.

Made in Netherlands

The Moringa Oil used in Youall Sauna Products contains Omega 3, 3 and 9 Fatty Acids and lots of Vitamins A and E. As a result the oil has a nourishing and cleansing effect and is ideal for the restless skin.

This product is Vegan and is free of gluten, parabens, GMO’s and microplastics.

200 ml

Made in Netherlands

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