The Good Stuff Botanicals - Winter Rose Toner

A Blast of Vitamin C

This toner "Rose" to the occasion! This is step #3 in our Winter Rose Collection! This toner is a fundamental part of the Winter Rose Collection AND did you know that the aroma of the rose has the most calming scent profile on earth and is used by some to heighten their vibration!

Smile through the mist. This toner is something special, not only does it give you a boost of hydration, but it is sure to lift your spirits and melt stress. Rose aroma has been shown to have anti-depressant benefits as it is traditionally used to calm and uplift. Soothing rose hydrosol, nourishing aloe vera, and hydrating alcohol-free witch hazel have all been infused with hibiscus that helps dissolve blackheads, calms breakouts, evens skin tone, and balances ph. Hard not to crack a grin when your spritzing this on.

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