The Good Stuff Botanicals - Winter Rose Face Oil

Winter Rose Face Oil

Petal to the Metal! This is the last and final step #4 in our Winter Rose Collection! Fully accelerate that much needed deeeeeeep hydration and zoom on about your day knowing you're saturated in the good stuff!

Lock it in! This face oil is formulated with of course rosehip oil, but also other in-season oils like elderberry and macadamia nut. Nature has a beautiful way of supplying us what we need when we need it most. All the oils we have used in this deeply hydrating facial oil benefits ALL skin types from acne to aging. The structure of sterols in Elderberry is similar to the skin's own cholesterols, which mean they support the healthy function of the lipid layer. A healthy lipid layer = smooth + soft skin. Macadamia is fully loaded with vitamin E making it the dry skin hero. Powerfully packed with antioxidants, EFAs and vitamins giving your skin the ammo it needs to protect and repair the skin barrier.....

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