Moonflower Essentials Hawaiian Sea Salt Detox Bath/Foot Soak

Hawaiian detox bath tea/foot soak. Our latest creation! Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt which is known for its soothing therapeutic benefits for the skin, Black Hawaiian sea salt with activated charcoal, deep cleanses the skin; the activated charcoal removes impurities and toxins from your pores. This helps reduce acne and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated.

6 oz.

Why we love it:

For fragrance and aroma therapy we’ve chosen Orange peel, bergamot and eucalyptus essential oils, infused with:

  • Dried Marigold also called Calendula which help to plump the surface of your skin to give you tighter, more supple skin almost instantly. In the long term, both the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect your precious collagen and elastin supply.
  • Dried saffron, which is also known to be anti-inflammatory. It helps in providing relief from sunburns, rashes, irritation and redness. Saffron also helps in restoring healthy skin tone.
    This detox bath and foot soak is sure to leave you satisfied with a feeling of serenity.

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