All Purpose Honee Wax 8oz

by GiGi

GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax contains the extremely beneficial properties of bees wax. It’s gentle enough for your most delicate areas, while also working to thoroughly remove unwanted hair. When you apply this All Purpose Honee wax from GiGi to your skin, you’ll find that it not only removes unwanted hair, but instantly leaves your skin sleek, soft and silky! This is a perfect body waxing product for the skin
Make sure the wax is at the correct temperature – too hot will burn, and too cold will cause the muslin strip to rip or not adhere properly to the wax.
Slight irritation is normal after any waxing session, but swollen, discolored or irritated skin could be the result of poor technique.
All purpose wax. 
Leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair
Gentle enough for delicate areas
Contains beneficial properties of bees wax
Leaves skin sleek, soft and silky
Gentle for most delicate areas
All natural formula

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