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Long trip? Exhausting day? Tough conversation? This calming, sweet smelling fragrance is perfect for those types of moments.


Top Note: Floral Ylang-Ylang

Middle Note: Dry Fossilized Amber

Base Note: Sweet Patchouli

Each Box Includes:

(1) 2 oz BeCalm Bath Tea
(1) 2 oz BeCalm Sugar Scrub
(1) 2 oz BeCalm Body Butter
(1) 2 oz Bentonite Clay Facial Mask
(1) .5 oz BeCalm Bedroom And Body Mist
(1) BeCalm Tealight Mini Massage Oil Candle
(1) Full size BeCalm Triple Butter and Silk Soap
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Ever felt like you're all over the place and need a moment to simply center yourself? This minty, cooling, yet refreshing blend is perfect for those types of moments.

Top Note: Cooling Peppermint

Middle Note: Refreshing Eucalyptus

Base Note: Grounding Cedarwood, Atlas

Each Box Includes:

(1) 2 oz BeAssured Bath Tea
(1) 2 oz BeAssured Body Butter
(1) 2 oz BeAssured Sugar Scrub
(1) 2 oz Sea Clay Facial Mask
(1) Full size BeAssured Triple Butter and Silk Soap
(1) .5 oz BeAssured Bedroom and Body Mist
(1) Tealight Mini Massage Oil Candle




Relaxation never smelled so sweet. Fragranced with Bulgarian Lavender, Jasmine Absolute and Vanilla Absolute, this box is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Our sugar scrub for this kit is infused with real Lavender Buds is designed to wash the stress of the day away. This is perfect if you like a soft and sweet smelling Lavender but want to experience it in a new and refreshing way. With self-care sized versions of our full sized products, each box is filled with enough lavender and vanilla to have you drifting on a cloud.

Top Note: Relaxing Bulgarian Lavender

Middle Note: Comforting Vanilla Absolute

Base Note: Lush Jasmine Sambac

Each Box Includes:

(1) BeRelaxed Signature Foaming Sugar Scrub 2 oz.
(1) BeRelaxed Bath Tea 2 oz
(1) BeRelaxed Ultra Whipped Body Butter 2 Oz
(1) Earth Clay Facial Mask in Lavender Essential Oil Blend
(1) BeRelaxed Bedroom and Body Mist .5 oz
(1) BeRelaxed Massage Oil Tealight Candle
(1) Full Sized BeRelaxed Triple Butter and Silk Soap

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