PetBrush by WetBrush 3-in-1 Detangler Odor Control Conditioner


Groom your best friend for success with the PetBrush by WetBrush 3-in-1 Detangler & Odor Control Dog Conditioner. This triple-threat grooming product detangles, conditions and deodorizes for the ultimate in scented, saturated smoothness. Simply spray it onto a wet or dry coat, brush through and you’re done! It makes combing and brushing a breeze and will keep your dog smelling lovely long after bath time. Hit the trifecta of good grooming with this winning, easy-to-use spray.



If your furry friend is using a topical flea and tick treatment, please remember to follow the bathing instructions on the flea and tick packaging. Each treatment works differently and may require different wait times before water exposure.

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