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Tools and Brushes

  • Gyspy Cream- Summer Breeze 4oz

    Soothing moisturizer helps heal + protect
    So effective, hospitals choose it for newborns! Inspired by a centuries-old Romanian recipe, our signature skin care product was originally created to treat psoriasis. But dermatologists, hospitals, estheticians and our customers have discovered that this super-soothing, nourishing formula is effective for a long list of common skin issues: everything from dry skin and dermatitis to the fine lines of aging and even chemo and radiation irritations.
    Although Gypsy Cream has been dubbed a “magic miracle treatment,” you won’t find smoke + mirrors in our ingredients. What you will find:
    Organic Hemp Seed Oil – with unique anti-inflammatory properties to detoxify and heal; cold pressed 3 hours after harvest to best preserve its powerful antioxidants and omega 3 + 6 essential fatty acids. Hemp seed oil penetrates the skin’s dermis layer, nourishing from the bottom up to reverse damage and protect against future damage from free radicals.
    Montana Hot Springs Mineral Water – rumored to have the second highest trace mineral content in the world! These rare but vital minerals and an alkaline 9.6 pH work together to repair damage and promote radiant, healthy skin.
    Aloe Vera – in an ideal amount to enhance the cream’s transdermal effect and provide a full range of essential amino acids.
    Raw, Organic Shea Butter – free-trade harvested by a woman’s group in Ghana, Africa, this superior shea butter increases skin collagen and elasticity. It even provides natural SPF.
    Together, the high-quality, natural ingredients in Gypsy Cream will give your skin what it needs to be happy + healthy + balanced.
    Uses: Gypsy Cream has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and emollient properties. Use it on your face to reduce fine lines, soften skin and help protect against sun damage. Also use to treat skin problems wherever they occur. It’s so gentle and effective that hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units are using it to replace steroids for treating diaper rash. Dermatologists and others report that it works wonders for psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, burns of all kinds (including sunburn), infected wounds and road rash. Some even find that Gypsy Cream comforts sore and aching muscles!
    How to use: A little goes a long way. Apply Gypsy Cream to your face for a glow that will last all day without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue. Apply to other areas that need TLC as often as necessary.

  • Glister – VIP Mini Flat Iron with Crossbody Bag – Flamingo Pink


    Use this powerful mini iron to transform & maintain your style on-the-go!
    With our holographic crossbody bandolier bag, you’ve got a VIP all access pass to everything Summer!
    Designed with iridescent & prismatic holographic material, this magical fashion accessory was specially created for universal portability and stylish bragging rights.
    Vacation plans? Engineered with worldwide voltage, the Mini flat iron included in the Summer Collection works everywhere around the world, so it can handle any adventure across the globe.
    You can keep your Mini flat iron *or* ANY beauty essential in the exclusive bandolier pouch that fits on your waist or across your body, making this shiny bandolier your new favorite travel companion.
    FYI, we know our fabulous tools are of the highest quality – so Glister offers a Lifetime Warranty Guarantee so your hair can stay glam for life!
    Features & Benefits
    Professional salon-grade travel straightener
    Black Tourmaline Gemstone plate infusion provide the ultimate experience in even heating
    OnePass floating plates to reduce stress on hair & eliminates breakage
    Ionic Technology promotes silkier, smoother hair and eliminates frizz & fly-aways
    Sleek, ergonomic, and compact
    Non-slip grip for control & comfort
    Worldwide voltage works everywhere
    Features the Lifetime Glister Guarantee

  • SCHMEAR Naturals – Soft Bristle Face Mask Brush

    A perfect brush for your 100% food-based face masks! This vegan and cruelty-free facial brush is made with super smooth and soft synthetic fiber that is allergen-friendly, and great for sensitive-skin types. The 6” handle will allow for an effortless and even application of your favourite face masks.

  • Glister – Interstellar Dryer With Adjustable Airflow Tech – Purple – Ultraviolet purple


    This next-generation Interstellar Ionic Dryer is engineered with a variety of professional features for the ultimate experience in blow drying!
    Engineered with adjustable Infinity Flow Technology and an advanced Far Infrared ceramic heater, this blow dryer allows you to control airflow for fast & effortless performance.
    Designed to be featherlight, this salon-quality pro dryer is as ergonomically perfect as it is beautiful.
    Features & Benefits:
    Controllable airflow with Infinity Flow Technology
    Adjustable heat settings for optimal temperature preference
    Cool shot button for locking your style in place
    Includes concentrator nozzle for precision air control
    Low EMF / radiation (Electromagnetic Field)
    Ultra featherlight design
    Tourmaline gemstone infused heater for heightened performance
    Quiet motor
    Soft Touch metallic pearlescent finish
    Energy efficient performance
    Variable settings allow complete control over airflow & temperature
    Lifetime Guarantee

  • Cricket Binge Cooper Tension Thermal Brush- 1.75″ (2.7oz)

    For the beauty obsessed who craves fabulous results, the Binge™ Copper Tension Thermal Brushes have been created to produce masterpieces. Designed to maximize tension without pulling/tearing hair, the Binge™ Copper Tension Thermals are a hairstyling game changer.


  • Gold N Hot Ionic Volumizer Dryer & Styler

    You’re just one step away from volume, body and fullness. One step away from more style and less breakage. And one step away from The Gold ‘N Hot Professional One Step Ionic Volumizer Dryer & Styler For Textured Hair. This revolutionary hair dryer and volumizer has a unique oval design with specialized airflow vents for powerful, precise styling and exceptional performance. And, the soft and flexible detangling bristles provide the perfect amount of grip to guide your hair into perfection. A rotating temperature control with 3 heat settings provides even more styling versatility. Equipped with Ionic Technology and Ceramic Technology to help provide healthy-looking hair, and a faster styling for less heat and less damage from over-styling. 

  • GiGi Post Wax Cooling Gel 8oz


    What is it?
    A rich gel, GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel contains menthol and cucumber to cool the skin and reduce redness. It naturally moisturizes and nourishes the skin aloe vera and glycerin. Soothes and refreshes the skin after waxing by restoring moisture and minimizing redness, heat and swelling.
    What makes it special?
    Cucumber extract soothes redness
    Refreshes and nourishes skin
    Aloe Vera moisturizes skin
    Menthol reduces heat
    Apply GiGi After Wax Cooling Gel liberally after waxing to calm irritated skin.

  • GiGi Kit Brazilian Bikini Wax


    The GiGi Brazilian Bikini Hard Wax Kit features a special wax formulation designed specifically for hair removal from the bikini area. Removes all hair from the bikini area, even coarse and stubborn hair on the most sensitive and delicate areas. This no strip formulation is fast, efficient and gentle.
    Kit includes: Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula, 8 oz. Pre-Hon Lotion, 2 oz. Pre-Epilation Oil, 2 oz. Wax Off, 2 oz., 2 oz. Slow Grow, 5 Small Acuu Edge Applicators and 5 Large Acuu Edge Applicators.
    What makes it special?
    New microwave formula heats up in just seconds
    No muslin strips are needed for removal
    Leaves skin hair-free for up to six weeks
    Fast and efficient
    Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave Formula, 8 oz.
    Pre-Hon Lotion, 2 fl oz.
    Pre-Epilation Oil, 2 fl oz.
    Wax Off, 2 oz.
    Slow Grow, 2 fl oz.
    5 Small Acuu Edge Applicators
    5 Large Acuu Edge Applicators

  • GiGi Kit Strip Free Honee


    What is it?
    The Gigi Strip Free Honee Hair Removal System is everything you need in one kit for fast, effective hair removal. Gentle enough for delicate facial and bikini areas. Leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of unwanted hair for up to eight weeks.
    Kit Includes:
    Strip Free Honee Microwave Formula, 8 oz.
    Pre-Hon Lotion, 2 oz.
    Wax Off, 2 oz.
    Slow Grow, 2 oz.
    Benzokal Skin Concealer, 2 oz.
    5 Small Acuu Edge Applicators
    5 Large Acuu Edge Applicators
    What makes it special?
    A complete system for fast, efficient, gentle removal of unwanted hair
    Thinner film, lower melting temperature and better adhesion
    Ready to use in minutes
    No muslin strips needed

  • GiGi Cloth Epilating Strips Large


    GiGi Surgicloth Epliating Strips feature a non-woven design for use with all soft waxes. An economical alternative to Muslin Strips.
    Perfect strip for water soluable and surgaring waxes
    Non-woven design

  • GiGi Cloth Epilating Strips Small


    GiGi Surgicloth Epliating Strips feature a non-woven design for use with all soft waxes. An economical alternative to Muslin Strips.
    Perfect strip for water soluable and surgaring waxes
    Non-woven design

  • GiGi Wax All Purpose Honee 8oz


    GiGi All Purpose Honee Wax contains the extremely beneficial properties of bees wax. It’s gentle enough for your most delicate areas, while also working to thoroughly remove unwanted hair. When you apply this All Purpose Honee wax from GiGi to your skin, you’ll find that it not only removes unwanted hair, but instantly leaves your skin sleek, soft and silky! This is a perfect body waxing product for the skin
    Make sure the wax is at the correct temperature – too hot will burn, and too cold will cause the muslin strip to rip or not adhere properly to the wax.
    Slight irritation is normal after any waxing session, but swollen, discolored or irritated skin could be the result of poor technique.
    All purpose wax
    Leaves skin sleek, smooth and free of hair
    Gentle enough for delicate areas
    Contains beneficial properties of bees wax
    Leaves skin sleek, soft and silky
    Gentle for most delicate areas
    All natural formula

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